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Writing Across the Curriculum
Instructor: Carol Creamer   
I have created this Fusion Page to assist anyone who is interested in learning about writing and becoming a better writer!

Here you will find instructional power points, copies of our school-wide rubric, comments,á and links to helpful writing web sites.

You can also keep up with new developments in cross-curricular writing, literacy developments, tends ináliteracy education / testing,áand content standards.

I'll try to post each week.á You might even find a link to a writing contest or a competition like the Aiken County Language Arts Festival.

Have fun and remember to think it through, write it down, type it out:áwriting is thinking!

Web Pages
"The Research Paper"
"The National Writing Project" is a terrific website for teachers of high school students as they face the challenge of helping students engage more successfully in discipline-specific writing.
**Here's a link to an article entitled, "The Research Paper: Engaging Students in Academic Writing," by Cindy Heckenlaible.

PDF]Writing Instruction in the Secondary Classroom: Surviving ...Image result for writing instruction
What Works in Writing Instruction - Education Week Teacher
This is a great article for teaching writing as an integral component of everyday tasks.!
Scholarships and Contests
Many college scholarships require the student applicant to write an essay. Take time to visit some of the instructional writing links on this site.
What about Grammar?
This is an age-old question: how important is a knowledge of grammar in good writing?

The pendulum continues to swing back and forth on this one, but as an English teacher, I have to say that a knowledge of grammar is vitally important in becoming a proficient writer.

A student doesn't have to know every possible sentence construction, or be able to diagram lengthy clauses in order to be a good writer, but he or she should know the basics:

*Parts of speech
*Types of sentences (more on that later)
*Parts of the sentence
*Differences between phrases and clauses
Discussion Topics
"PEER CORRECTING" is a positive, non-threatening way to help students learn to revise and edit their writing by first helping a classmate.
Have your students compose a memoir! This helps you build a more meaningful professional and personal relationship with students in your class.
A comprehensive discussion of the "conventions" (rules) of formal writing.
An explanation of the four "styles" of writing and how they are used.
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Cross-Curricular Writing Topics
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